DOLO's Destiny Pill

2 months ago
48 Chapters

Jana's a talented artist, but she's also an awkward high school girl. When her first love Conrad transfers to her school, she's over the moon until this popular genius very publicly denies knowing her. Before she dies from the online shaming, the mysterious creature Dolo has just the thing for her -- a capsule to change her destiny! All it requires in exchange is something valuable to her. What will Jana sacrifice to make her dreams come true? Nothing could go wrong... right?

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Alt. Names

La Pildora del Destino de DOLO, Dolo Destiny Pill, DOLO to Yun Ming no ka pu se ru, DOLO Khuv' Zaiaany Em, DOLOMing Yun Xiao Nang , Dolo's Destiny Capsule

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