Yu Cai Immortal Sect


Xiang Qi, who was previously a problematic student in Yu Cai High School, surprisingly transmigrated into a cultivation world called "Hong Meng" when he was attending a Year 3 Class 2 classmate's meeting. He thought he was the male protagonist, yet his life sucked. To survive, he had no choice but to take the path of cultivation, and then noticed a weird sect called "Yu Cai Immortal Sect". Someone called Xi Hongjun, who has the same name as his enemy, and is also the smartest student in high school, became his master. Not only are their names are the same, but they also look very alike and have the same b*tchy personality! And that Sect Leader who looks just like his monitor...Everything just seems more and more strange!




Alt. Names

Yu Cai Xian Zong , Expert Nurturing Clan

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