The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years


Lucas Trowman was the greatest archmage in history until he was condemned by Demigod to spend eternity losing his mind. But 4,000 years later, he's thrust back into this world, into the body of Frei Blake, the weakest, most un-talented student at the prestigious Westroad Academy for mages. After all this time, the world of magic has barely progressed. Could this be the work of Demigod? Determined to find out, Lucas seeks to reach the highest levels of power once again and get his revenge.




Alt. Names

الساحر العظيم يعود بعد 4000 عام, بازگشت ساحر اعظم پس از ۴ هزار سال, 4000Nyeon Mane Gwihwanhan Daemadosa, Kembalinya Sang Archmage Setelah 4000 Tahun, جادوگر بزرگ پس از ۴۰۰۰ سال برمی‌گردد, 4000年ぶりに帰還した大魔導士, The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years, Архимаг, который вернулся спустя 4000 лет, 4000年後重生的大魔導士, มหาจอมเวทผู้กลับมาอีกครั้งหลัง 4000 ปี, LE RETOUR DU GRAND MAGE, Sang Penyihir Agung Kembali Setelah 4000 Tahun, 4000년 만에 귀환한 대마도사, 4000年后重生异世界的大魔导师

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