Hazure Skill "Kinomi Master"

2 months ago
29 Chapters

Light was a boy who dreamed of becoming an adventurer. He went to the temple with his childhood friend to get a skill fruit. While his childhood friend got the rare Sword Saint skill, Light obtained the Nut Master skill which only improves farming ability. Light is forced to abandon his dream of becoming an adventurer to start working as a farmer. Although warned to never eat a second skill fruit because he will get poisoned and died, Light's unique skill allows him to eat as many skill fruits as he wants to obtain multiple skills.

Then he gets OP powers and a harem.




Alt. Names

Hazure Skill "Kinomi Master": Skill no Mi (Tabetara Shinu) wo Mugen ni Taberareru You ni Natta Ken ni Tsuite, Failure Skill "Nut Master" ~It became now possible to eat as many skill fruits as you want (From which you would normally die)~, Ahora Puedo Comer Infinitas Frutas de Habilidad (Que Me Matarían Si Las Como), Hazure Sukiru "Konomi Masuta", Hazure Sukiru "Konomi Masuta" ~Sukiru no Mi (Tabetara Shinu) o Mugen ni Tabe Rareru Yo ni Natta Kudan~, 外れスキル《木の実マスター》 ~スキルの実(食べたら死ぬ)を無限に食べられるようになった件~, 外れスキル《木の実マスター》

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