I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel

2 months ago
5 Chapters

[Let's get rid of this psychopath before that]

Yes, I possessed someone.

But who I was in my previous life. I can't remember at all.

All I remember is, just this guy's face that filled my eyes.

The day I woke up for the first time as a wizard's experiment, we were together.

Strangely enough, about my previous life, this guy seems to know better about it than I do.

In a dead-end novel, you are the only one you can trust and rely on...

In order to live, I have to run away from this guy.

In the future, he will kill the female lead's entire family. It's because he's a psychopath whose view on the world is final darkness.

After a while...

Finally, out of his grasp, I thought I could live a peaceful life-

"You cruelly abandoned me."

This guy, he finally found me.

"Did you enjoy playing with me?"

Now, he can't even be compared to his past self. He went completely mad.




Alt. Names

I'm Going to Rewrite the Devastating Novel, magjang pipye soseoleul gocyeo sseobogessseubnida

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