The Alien Next to Me is Scary

3 months ago
37 Chapters

The passionate attempts to appeal of beautiful alien girl!? A slapstick comedy making the rounds on SNS is now invading!

Marunouchi-kun is a freshman boy who likes everything to do with space. Next to this boy, sits the transfer student Uchimura-san. Uchimura-san looks precisely like what you would call and alien, but it seems that she is hiding her true form...... [^ from Amazon & Bookwalker]

Your run of the mill high school boy who likes aliens, Marunouchi-kun, sits next to Uchimura-san who takes the form of something that is certainly alien. But her true form is...A beautiful high school girl!? Making waves on SNS, A slapstick comedy of a beautiful alien girl making her fierce attempts to manipulate the situation. [^ from ComicWalker and Niconico]

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Alt. Names

隣の宇宙人がコワい, My Alien Neighbor is Scary, Tonari no Uchuujin ga Kowai, Tonari no Uchuubito ga Kowai

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