Kuroiwa Medaka ni Watashi no Kawaii ga Tsuujinai

2 months ago
86 Chapters

Kuroiwa Medaka was born in a temple and is currently a monk in training. Because of his temple's rules, he can't interact with girls - and what's more, he doesn't even know how to regularly socialize with them. Mona, the "queen bee" of the school, however insistently tries to make him fall in love with her, but he always ignores her in order to maintain the rules of his temple.





Alt. Names

My Charms Are Wasted on Kuroiwa Medaka, Kuroiva Medaka ne ponimaet moei privlekatel'nosti, Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervious to My Charms, kuroivaa medaakaale mero sundrtaa bujhdain, Mis encantos no funcionan con Kuroiwa Medaka, Hei Yan medakaniSi noKe Ai igaTong zinai, Wo De Ke Ai Dui Hei Yan Mu Gao Bu Guan Yong

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