I'm A Shy and Poor Otaku but This Beautiful Rich Young Lady is Obsessed with Me

3 months ago
8 Chapters

Eiji is a high school student who lives with his unsuccessful novelist father. He's a nerd, a nerd, and even though he's poor, he's an obedient boy who doesn't forget the compassion for others that his late mother taught him. Aoi, the president's daughter of a large company, admires such an age. However, Eiji couldn't even look at the huge disparity with himself. After school one day, Aoi greets Eiji when she comes home. Eiji is surprised when Aoi tells her a word of surprise...



Alt. Names

Inkya de Wotaku de Binbou Dakedo Bijin Ojou-sama ni Osaretemasu, Eu sou um Otaku tímido e pobre, mas essa jovem linda e rica está obcecada por mim, 陰キャでヲタクで貧乏だけど美人お嬢様に推されてます

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