A Drifting Life


Essay Manga covering Mangaka Yoshihiro Tatsumi's life from the post-war period in the 50s, leading into the 60s. Tatsumi also covers many of the significant elements in his life.

Ranging from his familial situation, and the discrepancies that he had with his brother, also a Mangaka, to his relationship with Osamu Tezuka, his works and the brief time that he met him, and, of course, the start of his career in manga and working towards what he would later call "Gekiga".

Gekiga Drift was published in English as "A Drifting Life" by Canadian based publisher Drawn and Quarterly in 2009.

Unfortunately, the release was flipped and had the SFX redrawn. Despite multiple printings and high regard for the work, it is currently out-of-print with no digital edition.

  • Won the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Grand Prize in 2009



Alt. Names

A Drifting Life In Gekiga, Hanyut, Une vie dans les marges, Gekiga Hyouryuu, Gekiga Drift, 劇画漂流, Vida à Deriva, Życie. Powieść Graficzna.

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