Amarimono Isekaijin no Jiyuu Seikatsu: Yuusha ja Nai node Katteni Yarasete Moraimasu

2 months ago
5 Chapters

Shinichi Sagara, a black corporate warrior. After overcoming a nightmare of consecutive workdays, he finally got on a bus to return home, but unexpectedly, he got transferred to a different world. A young goddess on her knees, "I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! I am really sorry!!" The story unfolded with a climax. I escaped from the country that treats the otherworlders like company s*aves and set out for freedom. I changed my name from Shinichi to Shin and moved to another country to live a slow life. But I had to take care of the stupid prince, hunt and gather, rant at the stupid prince, raise my adventurer rank, listen to the goddess complain, discipline the stupid prince, rant at the stupid prince again, then contribute to society.... So, this is the beginning of my slow life in another world.



Alt. Names

余りモノ異世界人の自由生活~勇者じゃないので勝手にやらせてもらいます~, Free Life of a Leisurely Otherworldly Person – I’m Not a Hero, So I’ll Do Whatever I Want

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