Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard

2 months ago
8 Chapters

Honeko Akabane is an ordinary high school girl. The daughter of a lawyer, she seeks to just live a regular life - even if that means chiding her childhood friend, the ever-violent Ibuki Arakuni, whenever he gets into fights with random people.

However, Ibuki holds a secret only he knows - Honeko was adopted by her current parents, and is actually the illegitimate daughter of a yakuza bigwig. As it turns out, the boss is retiring, and many people in his gang are looking to take his place; since Honeko is his heir, they want to kill her to clean up any loose ends.

And so Ibuki must protect Honeko from a variety of criminals, without letting her know about her true lineage. Can he act as her bodyguard while simultaneously keeping her unaware of her situation?



Alt. Names

Телохранители Акабэ, 赤羽骨子のボディガード

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