Kyou mo E ni Kaita Mochi ga Umai

2 months ago
3 Chapters

Tougo is a high school student who loves drawing more than anything. One day, he woke up in a deep forest filled with vegetations he had never seen before... While he went on an exploration finding answers in this new world, he found them without putting much effort. When he drew a Mochi using pencil and paper, something unusual happened...!? Not just a log house but legendary beasts too!? With ability to bring anything into being, he creates a paradise for everyone! A young boy who unbeknown to him is loved by others.

The drawing fantasy story starts here!



Alt. Names

今日も絵に描いた餅が美味い, 今日も絵に描いた餅が美味い@COMIC, The mochi I drew is tasty today too

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