Tonari no Onee-san ga Suki

2 months ago
37 Chapters

There's this beautiful, bubbly, film-loving girl who's three years older than me: her name's Shia, and she lives right next door! I'm madly in love with her, and I needed some way to see her! I settled on asking her for movie recommendations, and now I get to meet her every Wednesday! I want to know more about her, and tell her how I feel... but I just can't get the message across! Enjoy this lopsided rom-com brought to you by the author of "The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses" and "Paper Braver", Koume Fujichika!



Alt. Names

隣のお姉さんが好き, I'm in Love With the Older Girl Next Door, 戀上鄰家的大姐姐, I Love The Older Girl Next Door.

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