Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou

2 months ago
14 Chapters

Yukito, the son of a questionable cult leader, lost his life due to the cult's ridiculous training practices. Now to his surprise, he was reincarnated into another world! It was an ideal world for him without the concept of "God" or "religion" BUT...!

A unique "reincarnating in other world" adventure begins: creating a "religion" in a world without God?!



Alt. Names

Keseharian Dewa Didunia Tanpa Dewa, Wu Shen Shi Jie Zhong De Shen Ming Huo Dong , Las Acciones de Un Dios en Un Mundo Sin Dioses, God's Activity in a World Without Gods, Shen Wu kiShi Jie nokamisamaHuo Dong , Deiatel'nost' Boga v mire bez bogov

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