Heart no Kagi o Te ni Irero!

2 months ago
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Plain looks... average abilities... on top of that, my name's "Suzuki Tarou". I've always held a complex towards my overly ordinary self. One day, a super pretty, drunk boy appears on my doorstep! He tries to kiss me while crying about how I "look like his former lover"... Then some time later, that same pretty boy appears in my workplace! His name - Shiga Ryouta. Will meeting Shiga become my turning point?!



Alt. Names

Heart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero!, Jiao Chu Kai Qi Xin Men De Na Ba Yao Chi , Get The Key To My Heart, I'll Get the Key to Your Heart, hatonoJian woShou niRu rero!, Get the Key of the Heart!

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